4th of July Post (out of order)

We started the day of with some fantastic pancakes. Soon after we had worship. Then we had VBS prep time, where we decorated the church and inflated all the sports balls. As part of the prep team we went out and passed out fliers to the kids in the surrounding neighborhoods. Going door-to-door knocking, we encountered very few declines and a large number of kids saying yes. At one of the houses we approached, we came along a group of kids who at first refused the offer until the sports camp was mentioned. After that we came back to the church with plans of getting some kids for VBS the next day. Later in the evening we all went to the rodeo grounds to watch fireworks. Everyone there was really excited about seeing them and it seemed like the whole community was there. The fireworks were really fun to watch and the night finished with a bang.

- Macie, MaKinzy, and Bethany

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