Alligator Adventure A-Z!

A new adventure today for the Oasis youth group! Bayou tours are given hourly at the Cajun Adventure tour station. Capt. Drew, our rarely sobered up tour guide (Thank God), took us through the Pearl River. Dramatically we took off, destination set for adventure. Eagerly Captain Drew pulled up our river boat to Alex, our first alligator of the day. Finally with marshmallows we coaxed him over to the boat and took our first snapshots of nature. Gators on average range between 8 to 12 ft. in length. Heaven was watching over us on this trip as we had no accidents. In spite of the rain, we began our venture to the deep swamp. Just  before we reached the swamp, a group of wild boars closely watched by their mother found our marshmallows even more satisfying than Mr. Alex. Keeping close to the shore we started to enter the swamp, much like a green house pushing every bit of humidity in to our “city-slicker” skin. Looking through the trees, Ryan spotted many colorful birds specifically the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. Meticulously Captain Drew explained to us the history of the area. Nobody listened as closely as Katie after Drew told us a story about a snake sleeping inside the cupboard she was sitting next to. On a rotted portion of a cypress tree we saw a giant wolf spider. Panic struck as our tour guide instinctively poked at the spider with a metal prong to bring it closer to us. Questioning our composure was the specialty of Captain Drew. Replaying the terrors in our minds we headed back to the Pearl River to continue our quest. Some friendly locals welcomed us as we emerged from the swamp. To our enjoyment the two were kindly pointing out the gators to our tour guide. Unfortunately this was our final stretch of our ride. Vacating the boat was a sad experience for us all. We walked along the edge of the swamp back to Mary Kate and Ashley. Xylophone music in our heads gave us inspiration……..the gift shop. You should of been there. Zebras, as Ash pointed out, were not on this tour.

–Written by the dynamic duo of NATHAN LANTZ SEPPI and eric.

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