Day 1: Washington to Washington

Shoutout to all those awesome parents that dropped their kids off at the airport at 4 am this morning. You all rock! We are soooo happy that you got to go back to bed :) Meanwhile, we’ve been up and running…

Our first flight took us to Denver where we spent an hour layover finding food and playing epic card games. Our next flight was a ‘straight shot’ to Washington D.C. that included a 45 minute pit stop in St. Louis where we enjoyed the sweltering heat of an un-airconditioned airplane. Despite this obstacle, we finally made it to Washington D.C., where unfortunately many of our bags did not make it to the carousel at the same time. We had to wait a while, but in the end, we walked out with all of our luggage! We grabbed some burritos and quesadillas at Qdoba before¬†riding the Yellow and Red Metro lines to the Pilgrimage in Dupont Circle. Here we met our host, Wes, the summer intern for the Pilgrimage.¬†We settled into our bunk beds and our now comfortably playing more card games, journaling, and sharing laughs before lights out!

We can’t wait for a great day of sightseeing tomorrow and a fantastic trip!

Signing Off,

Johnny, Summer, BrookeN, and BrookeM



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