Day 3 – First day of VBS & Work is successful

Well we made it this far! After 2 nights of little sleep and hot days and hot nights and scavenging for food, we are finally acclimating. But recreational activities went swell. The older kids had a stupendous time playing with the parachute and playground balls. But it ended abruptly when someone threw it into the tree and a kid climbed up and retrieved it. The younger kids didn’t say much. They entertained themselves on the playground.

IMGP2317 cameron and abby

When the little ones left, we worked.  A lot. We cleaned the bathrooms (sinks, toilets, walls, floors), swept, mopped, weed whacked, and scrubbed. The place is beautiful, though, and it’s very interesting to see the daily routine on reservation. The rooms are alright (besides the dead mouse in the kitchen cupboard and the bull snakes in the church).

Tonight the locals are making us dinner and traditional fried bread. The game room we have is being put to a lot of use with different card games. It has been a lot of fun.

Cameron and Abby

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