Day 4 – More Kids Than Yesterday

Monday night some of the locals made us a great traditional Navajo dinner. We had fry bread tacos and they were amazing! The people were so nice and willing to slave over a hot stove for us (theres no air conditioning!). When dinner came to an end, a nice man named Merlin talked to us about Navajo culture. He shared with us his schooling experiences and when he first heard of God. He even told us that traditional Navajo’s live in a matriarchal society! When a couple wants a divorce, the man comes home to find his things outside and with no questions asked, he leaves! This morning the group learned the hand motions to some of the songs we sing during VBS so we could help the kids. Yesterday. we had 2 cars full of kids.  Today, we had 3.  When Ash’s Van pulled up, it was a sea of Navajo children flowing out of the van – I think the count was 16.  Yesterday we had about 25 or so, today we had almost 35!

Mary Mattie, being the wonderful woman she is, took the cardboard cutout of a moose and pretended to be the moose! It woke us all up with a great laugh. There is a song called “When The Storm Roars” that we sing during VBS to resemble when Jesus and Peter walk on water and we use different tones when we sing it.



The lovely Mr. Joe Bruce (DC) does a FANTASTIC high pitched “when the storm roars” that everyone loves, including us high schoolers! I am having a great time in Ganado being with these children and putting on VBS for them. Im excited for the rest of the week and Mary’s moose impersonation and Joes wonderful singing voice :)

Yours truly,
The amazing,
And talented,
And wonderful,
LaShantay Walls
A.K.A Teenie Bopper Mix-Ologist

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