Day 4

Another early morning- but absolutely worth the baked oatmeal! (Thanks Mary!) After breakfast we headed out to gather kids from Burnside and Kinlichee. The cars arrived to a sanctuary full of smiling faces, only to add more. Henry Jones was generous enough to share some jokes from his vast compendium. Many laughs were shared and soon all of the kids arrived and then began another day of VBS. Music started a little slow, but quickly the energy was flowing throughout the crowd. As soon as music was done we all went to listen the Joseph (Michor) and continued with our day of crafts, snacks, games, and family time. VBS finished with a fantastic gathering for our closing ceremony.

Lunch was a delicious collection of crackers, cookies, and more snacks. Our sports camp began with moga and stretching. Everyone then split into age groups and proceeded to play their various sports. Snack was popcorn. After all the kids went home, our youth group was fed by some very kind members of the Ganado Presbyterian Church. We had delicious Navajo tacos (Indian fry-bread). Dinner was followed by an intense game of volleyball, only to be topped by a great worship.

- Henry, Michor and Ben

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