Day 5 – Painting

Today was a super fun day in both the morning and afternoon! In the morning we had fun running day 3 of VBS, and watching the kids warm up to us even more every second. They were getting more into the music and singing louder and doing all the motions. We would get a screaming response of excitement from them every time we asked if they’re having a good time. We made a wind chime in crafts today with the kids. They loved it and got really in to it. Afterwards they took home more ribbons to finish it at home, which was the first time they wanted to do so with the crafts. And yesterday when we took them home there was a family of 8, 7 of them being boys. They were in the back seat while I (Chloe Suzanne Kimball) was in the front. They continued to make comments like “call me” and “bye ring, ring” and “by Santa call me”. It was an entertaining way to end the second day. I hope they will come again tomorrow.


Then in the afternoon we started painting an office. While managing to get most of the paint on the walls where it belongs, we also happened to get quite a bit on each other, which makes it all the more fun. Today has been sunny and nice, but we still heard a little thunder and witnessed a couple flashes of lightning!  This sudden change in weather gave our. This trip has been very fun!


From Chloe and Rachael

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