Highlights of the Week

Lying under and naming the gorgeous stars -Mallory

Watching the sunsets -Ben

Making relationships and goofing off with the kiddos -Abby

Mini hike with pastor CJ -Henry

Staying up late and playing games or pulling pranks -Weston (Churchill)

Seeing all the beautiful and breathtaking canyons/sunsets -Ryan

Love playing with the little kids -Janna

Screaming car rides blasting Timberlake and Rector for three+ hours –Nathan

Seeing the stars and the kid’s faces shining God’s love -Michor

Laying under the stars, hiking, and being filled with joy from the kids! –Lexi

Building new relationships and strengthening existing relationships with our students, and watching them use their strengths and talents for God. –Scurr

Witnessing the beauty of God’s creation in deep canyons, under bright stars, and in the kiddo’s smiles and laughter. –Brooke

Picking constant goat heads out of my shoes!!! – Diane

Seeing how happy the kids were to be at VBS/sports camp. –Bethany

Getting to share God’s love with all the kids that attended VBS. –Macie

Experiencing God’s beautiful creation from a different place a culture along with lighting the God’s fire in all the kids. –Evarosa

Being able to actually come together as a group, giving the chance for younger kids to have God in their life –MaKinzy

Watching the students be the “light of the world” to children and each other and great car conversations. – Katie



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