Our final day of VBS and of Ganado 

We woke up tired from the previous night of having fun and looking at the stars. We were however ready to take on the last day of VBS and sports camp with enthusiasm and excitement. Even as we started our personal morning worship a few kids started to show up wide-eyed and bushy tailed. We started the day off by getting all the kids super pumped and ready for the day by singing a lot of songs and dancing around the church. While a lot of the kids just gave us strange looks, a few joined in the fun. We then began the fun of teaching the kids about Joseph’s story. Us, being a day short of what the curriculum gave us, made us have to squeeze two stories into our very short Joseph time. We broke off into our small groups and taught the kids about family and forgiveness. Which led us into our fun afternoon, starting with a delicious lunch created by the one and only Mary Mattie (with help from Nancy). Then we dove right into the final day of sports camp, which involved fun games and competition. The kids finally got to play the sports they were waiting for all week. The blazing hot sun made our sports snack of Otter pops just that much more appreciated. We took pictures with our family groups and the kids. Then came the hardest part of the day…telling the kids good-bye. Knowing we would never see these kids who had shared their stories and a week of their lives ever again was heartbreaking. Kids asked us if they could fly back to Spokane and live with us or begged us to stay for another week. We were also asked to take a picture in front of the White House and send it to them… they didn’t quite understand that there are two Washingtons. This is a week that we will never forget, from the adorable kids to the terrifying ghost encounters. This week has changed all of our lives for the better; it gave us an amazing cultural and spiritual adventure that we will not forget.

Written by the coolest kids on the block: Evarosa Perry and Ryan Thompson.

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