Day 4

Another early morning- but absolutely worth the baked oatmeal! (Thanks Mary!) After breakfast we headed out to gather kids from Burnside and Kinlichee. The cars arrived to a sanctuary full of smiling faces, only to add more. Henry Jones was generous enough to share some jokes from his vast compendium. Many laughs were shared and soon all of the kids arrived and then began another day of VBS. Music started a little slow, but quickly the energy was flowing throughout the crowd. As soon as music was done we all went to listen the Joseph (Michor) and continued with our day of crafts, snacks, games, and family time. VBS finished with a fantastic gathering for our closing ceremony.

Lunch was a delicious collection of crackers, cookies, and more snacks. Our sports camp began with moga and stretching. Everyone then split into age groups and proceeded to play their various sports. Snack was popcorn. After all the kids went home, our youth group was fed by some very kind members of the Ganado Presbyterian Church. We had delicious Navajo tacos (Indian fry-bread). Dinner was followed by an intense game of volleyball, only to be topped by a great worship.

- Henry, Michor and Ben

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4th of July Post (out of order)

We started the day of with some fantastic pancakes. Soon after we had worship. Then we had VBS prep time, where we decorated the church and inflated all the sports balls. As part of the prep team we went out and passed out fliers to the kids in the surrounding neighborhoods. Going door-to-door knocking, we encountered very few declines and a large number of kids saying yes. At one of the houses we approached, we came along a group of kids who at first refused the offer until the sports camp was mentioned. After that we came back to the church with plans of getting some kids for VBS the next day. Later in the evening we all went to the rodeo grounds to watch fireworks. Everyone there was really excited about seeing them and it seemed like the whole community was there. The fireworks were really fun to watch and the night finished with a bang.

- Macie, MaKinzy, and Bethany

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Vacation Bible Zoo

Today was crazy fun, crazy toasty, and full of crazy children led by crazier leaders. Our first surprise of the day was when we realized that we were unable to display lyrics for the kids during worship. A group of intelligent youngsters (a.k.a. us) quickly began hand writing all of the lyrics on poster paper so that a group of rambunctious youngsters (a.k.a. the VBS attendees) could worship with ease. While this was happening, three vans were sent out into the neighborhoods of Ganado to pick up as many energetic children as could be squeezed into each vehicle. Part of being in a new place is adapting to the different culture. We quickly understood that timeliness is not a big concern when VBS finally began over 30 minutes behind schedule. A group of about 50 children filled the room with big smiles and TONS of energy. They loved singing worship songs with us, learning about Joseph’s life, talking with leaders about how God gives us hope, and playing fun games. We were pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable the kids were around us and how they immediately wanted to be our friends.

One kiddo ripped his pants straight down the middle. Classic… Another girl willingly shared about how she had been bit by a snake while climbing a mountain. We all wished we could do (the doo) something that adventurous! Also, two stubborn boys refused to participate, so they were challenged to drink a comically large jug of water and were very committed to do (the doo) it. By the time VBS ended, every kid had received multiple piggyback rides and every leader had given too many to count.

Next up was a quick lunch and then, sports camp!! Sports camp was a continuation of the crazy chaos but also a continuation of the good times. They were split up into age groups and sent off to play volleyball, basketball, soccer, or football and we were each assigned to do (the doo) a sport as well. They loved the competition almost as much as they loved the water breaks that turned into water battles. Finally the sweaty, worn out youngsters were either picked up by parents or taken home by us. After the Church had cleared out, we all literally fell to the floor in exhaustion cause we’d been so toasty all day. The day can be simply summed up in one quote, “It’s a zoo in there,” –Michor. We are all looking forward to be filled with joy once again because of these kids tomorrow!


-Lexi and Abby

P.S.  Pics are difficult/slow to upload, so we won’t be able to post many.

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First Day of Adventure


We started out the day by meeting at the airport at 4am to take one of our flights from Spokane to Denver. When we arrived in Denver we had to wait a grueling 3hour layover. Luckily the time went by very fast because most of us were playing games or working on our daily devotions. Then we got on our next flight from Denver to Albuquerque, which was not the best as we experienced very intense turbulence on our final descent. Everyone got stickers to put on our water bottles as we waited for the cars to come pick us up, so we could set out on our exciting 3 hour drive to Ganado. We quickly got settled in, and went to bed after talking about the snakes and GHOSTS, that they have here. So that was the first day of our adventure.

Written by Weston B. and Ryan T.


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Drenched in Sweat

On the second to last day of our mission trip, we spent our time painting a house being rebuilt for a man whose trailer had been damaged in the 2013 tornado.  Kent, his son Bobby, his girlfriend and their dog had survived the tornado in a small cinderblock shelter in the yard.  Although the trailer was damaged, they patched it up and continued to live in it.  We learned that Kent went to Rebuild Together with the intention to have trees and the debris removed from his property.  Rebuild Together told him that he qualified to have a new home built on his property.

Our job for this house was to primer and paint the interior.  Being mid-construction, there was no power to the house yet, so no air conditioning. We were all inside working really hard in 102 degree weather . You know what that means? With about 24 bodies in the same house painting, that left the nice and flattering scent of body odor!  We were all drenched in sweat.  Overall, for the last day of working, it was a great teamwork experience and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day.

~MaKinzy and Janna

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A Moore Eventful Night

Since the last blog post, some exciting events have occurred. After dinner and journal time, we headed outside to the courtyard for extended worship, seeing as it was Sarah’s last night before she had to leave early this morning. Following worship, we met with our family groups and then headed back inside for dessert! All was well…SUDDENLY the lights flickered, and by the time we had turned around we just caught a glimpse of Sarah being pulled out the door with a pillowcase over her head. After the screaming subsided, we were informed that our new intern had just been kidnapped by the leaders we once trusted. The only way to get her back was to complete a series of odd and sometimes terrifying challenges. To make matters worse, all the lights in the ginormous church had been shut off. Hand in hand with GoPro on, we ran out into the darkened hallways toward our first task. As we entered the choir room, a sudden dissonant chord was struck. Here, three of our best singers preformed a one-minute T-Swift riff off. Next we were sent to the laundry room where another three students searched for numbers (and few other things) hidden in dirty socks spread throughout the hall. The clue acquired here sent us running into the kitchen. Blindfolded, another group had to taste Mary’s strange culinary concoctions–honey and meatball, celery and baked beans, and breakfast sausage with frosting. From there we were directed to the boy’s showers; our objective was to get five Cheetos stuck to Macie’s shaving cream beard. Once we were cleaned up, we found ourselves in the game room trying to get billiard balls into specific pockets using our non-dominate hands. After a brief bit of confusion over where to go next, we wandered to a little-known storage room piled high with random stuff. Our last task involved three legs, a sleeping bag, and a lot of hopping. Finally, we raced to the dark room Sarah was being held in and were greeted with glowsticks and a dance party to celebrate her rescue. Dancing long into the night, we had a lot of fun busting out our moves and belting out lyrics to the songs. Then, exhausted and sweaty, we quickly showered before heading off to bed.

-Evarosa and Annie

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Day 5: Today was OK

Howdy y’all!

Today began with a delectable breakfast consisting of toast of France and sweet, sugary tree spit (French toast and maple syrup). For a fun mix-up of our normal daily routine, we sang a few worship songs before heading off on a new adventure in the endearing town of Moore, which is the home of Toby Keith in case anyone was wondering. We loaded up into our caravan of large automobiles and drove to a place called Food Resource Center. The FRC was formed after the tornado in May 2013 and has continued to serve ‘more and Moore’ families as it continues to grow. The FRC has a food bank, but it also connects its clients with other available resources in the community, such as childcare and social services. In the back of the FRC building, there was a warehouse where donated food was stored. The front of the building, however, was set up like a small grocery store where low-income members of the Moore community could shop for groceries for their families. We had the opportunity to meet and help customers as they shopped, and were kindly received by all those we talked with. In addition, we helped sort food from the warehouse and stock shelves in the store. It was nice to get out of the heat for a day and engage in a new form of serving Moore.

As well as our morning worship, there was also another fun twist to our day. Instead of packing lunch this morning, we were treated to delicious Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches at the Serve Moore headquarters at noon, which were donated by the kind people of Chick-fil-A. In the words of Felicia Bray, the chicken was “out of this world!”

We are excited for a new day ahead of us and the big task we have to accomplish… let’s just say that the blog tomorrow will paint you a picture of our service project!

Now we are off to enjoy our fantastic taco supper prepared for us by Mary and Craig! :)

Signing off,

Brooke, Isobelle, Annie, Gracie and a lil’ bit o’ Summer

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Day 4: Helping Even Moore

          The group got up at 7:15, just in time for our delicious breakfast of cereal, watermelon, chicken, and juice. We all packed our lunches and prepared to walk out the door. When we got to the Serve Moore headquarters we were given tools, directions and sent to our designated job sites.

Once the painting group got to our site we set up and started to plan for how we would attack the shed, with paint of course. Immediately we started on our course of brushing and rolling and finished a whole wall. It wasn’t until the wall was finished and several other places had paint when we realized that we had the wrong paint bucket. Two leaders went back to get the other bucket of paint and, assuming we had the right color, we continued to paint. The leaders returned from getting the paint and we started painting with the new bucket, when we realized that it was a completely different color and we had to repaint the whole shed. After a couple very warm hours we finished the shed.

Meanwhile, the clean up crew worked at a mobile home park picking the smaller chunks of debris left from a demolished mobile home. They started by putting larger pieces into trash bags, and then wheeled them up to a larger dumpster. The painting group joined the debris group mid-afternoon and with the whole group working we were able to clear 2 1/2 lots (where 3 mobile homes used to sit).

~ Henry, Marshall and Michor

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Day 3: First Day of Work in Moore, OK

Today was our first day of work with the organization ServeMoore. We woke up bright and early, 6:30am even though it was still 4:30am to our minds (Spokane is two hours behind), and ate an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, homemade hash browns, and fruit. We then made our lunches for the day, loaded up the caravan of cars, and headed south to Moore.

Upon arrival, we met 2 of the leaders of Serve Moore (Chris and Michael) who helped connect the work we were about to do with the people effected by tornado. We divided into two work groups.  One group cleared debris from a trailer park hit by a recent tornado, while the other went to a local home and painted a shed for a woman named Rebecca, who was very nice and gave us ice cream! Both groups returned to the Serve Moore headquarters where they asked us to help sort out and organize lumber into a trailer.  It was very hard work in the heat of the day – the trailer was about 120 degrees inside, so we all took turns rotating through so no one spent too much time inside.  The leaders make us take frequent breaks in the shade to drink water so we are staying hydrated.  We worked for  7 long hours and got a lot of work done at all the locations.

When we returned back to our home away from home, we had a wonderful dinner (teriyaki chicken, rice, and salad), reflection, worship, and some much deserved downtime.

 This Moore update has been brought to you by the creators of awesomeness, Cameron and Ryan!


day1painting day1shed day1group

day1weeding day1trailer day1lumber

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A Day of Fun!

okctemp spokanetemp

Who knew it would be cooler in OK (even with humidity)!

This morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast prepared by Craig and Mary Mattie. We ate cereal, oatmeal, english muffins and bagels, as well as fruit. Then we headed off to Senior High Sunday School. In class, we got to meet Paula and  Jim, the youth teachers. We were also introduced to the associate pastor Matt, and two students who attend the Youth Group and Sunday School regularly. Most of the students were out on a mission trip to Heifer Ranch.We toured the building (which was huge!) and looked at the beautiful stained glass windows. In Sunday school we discussed current topics in the world. We ended up talking about the cross and how it can be seen in many ways, either positive or negative.

After that we attended their 10:55 worship service, which was amazing. The church service was very similar to ours. The sermon was focused on renewal and rebuilding (which is our group devotional topic for the week). The pastor preached on Jesus healing the hemorrhaging woman and Jairus’ daughter (whom Jesus raised from the dead).  He tied the stories together by showing that God’s touch is able to heal everything and everyone. We need to have faith that we will make it through tough times.

After worship we ate lunch, then headed out to the Zoo! We split up into groups and explored. Some animals we saw were elephants (including 2 elephants that just arrived from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle), zebras, a newborn gorilla, giraffe, lions, and others. While walking about we were able to connect with our friends and get to know more about each other. At the end of our time we were welcomed into the gift shop to buy souvenirs.


zoo1 zoo3

On our way home we stopped at Big Truck Taco (not a truck, but a restaurant) and got some amazing food, while having a blast!

big truck tacos

Back at the church we spent quiet time with God reading and reflecting on the devotional written for the trip.  It showed us how blessed we are and who God blesses. God expresses his love for all, and is always blessing the underdogs. We compared God’s view and the World’s view and how to deal with the contradicting ideas, and how to live out the life God calls us to live. We are in the middle of free time, getting ready for family groups and worship. Woop woop!!!

We love you all and hope you are having fun in Spokane, WA

-Macie, Meaghan and Mallory (The three “M”s)

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