2010 – Gulf Coast

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Our Group

Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church youth group (Oasis) is taking 18 students and 5 leaders to the Bay St. Louis Area to work with Lakeshore Baptist Church on continued rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. We’ll be staying at the church in various portable buildings and Quonset huts (all with AC we’re told).

Lakeshore Baptist and Work Projects

There will be two other groups there at the same time – one from Mississippi and one from Kentucky. We are told they will be putting on a VBS for the church during the week we’re there.

We really don’t know what exactly we’ll be doing – we expect to be either working on Lakeshore’s Mercy House (what will become the building where volunteers stay and where their distribution center will be) or on homes of people in the Bay St. Louis area.

Bay St. Louis, MS

The area was completely devastated after Hurricane Katrina, not much was left – most people lost everything. Many people’s insurance did not cover the damage and some were taken advantage of by fraudulent contractors. In addition to all the community has dealt with in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they now have to deal with the devastation of the oil spill – which will take a huge toll on their local economy as they are a tourist town.


Many things have already changed leading up to the mission trip – one leader had to cancel at the last minute (for an understandable reason), the flight home was cancelled and rescheduled to come home a day early, meal planning has changed more times than I can count with Lakeshore Baptist, and we currently have one student sick and we hope she will recover in time to go. The motto for the mission trip is FLEXIBILITY – I have learned to be flexible on mission trips as I have planned many over the last 10 years; however, this trip is stretching even me in my ability to be flexible.


What we do know is that above all God is good and faithful – we trust that He will use us while we are there and that He will provide for every need on the trip. I pray that each of us experiences God’s presence in a very real way and pray that He uses this trip to conform us to His image. May God use this blog for His glory so that the readers may see what God is up to in and through our group in Bay St. Louis, MS.

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