2012 – Denver, Colorado

Dates: Sunday, July 8th – Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Group

Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church youth group (Oasis) is taking 19 students and 6 leaders to Denver, CO where we will be working with DOOR (check out their website for more information: www.doornetwork.org). Weather should be comparable to Spokane – upper 80′s, though a little more humid and much higher elevation.  The group will be sleeping in a church in downtown Denver where they will also have their meals (breakfast and dinner) and reflection time.


Our mission trip will be urban in nature and therefore the group will be learning about various ubran issues: homelessness, poverty, etc.  The group will be split up into work groups of 4-6 people (including leaders); each group will go to a different location each day.  Some examples of types of places groups will go: soup kitchens, food banks, meal delivery, clothing banks, etc.

Fun Time

The group will have the opportunity to go out to dinner and explore Denver a bit on Wednesday evening (July 11) and on Friday (July 13).  The night of July 13th the group will be staying at Pastor Betsey’s former church.


Each year as we approach the mission trip I remember how much I love them – one of the reasons being how God reveals Himself to the group on the trip.  I am sad not to be able to go this year (excited for the reason – having a new baby!), but am excited to hear about all the great membories that were made and how God worked.  Every trip is different, but on each I have been reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness and pray the same for the group on this year’s trip.  God challenges each of those on the trip to get out of their comfort zone and grow in new (and sometimes difficult) ways; God provides for the group; they learn more about who God is through the people they meet and the experiences they have.  My prayer is that God would again reveal His goodness and faithfullness to each of those on the trip and to those they encounter.

We covet your prayers for the group throughout the week!  If you’re wondering what to pray for, pray for energy and endurance for the leaders, it’s always needed!

Grace and Peace,



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