2013 – Ganado, Arizona

Ganado, Arizona

Our Group

Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church youth group (Oasis) is taking 15 students and 5 leaders to Ganado, Arizona, to the Navajo reservation.  We will be staying at Ganado Presbyterian Church in a former boarding school dormitory.  Weather should be comparable to Spokane – upper 80′s, fairly dry heat.  The location is quite remote and most cell phones don’t work there.

Ganado Presbyterian and Work Projects

Our primary work project will be running a VBS program.  Joe Bruce is heading that up and using the same theme we just used at Hamblen last week – “Son Kids Camp”.  All the students will be helping out in different capacities with VBS throughout the week.  Ash Boodel will be organizing students as they rotate through other “work” projects – painting, fixing, yard work, etc. for the church and local families.  A small group of students will go with Ash each morning (students will rotate through so each gets a turn) and others may join in the afternoon when VBS is done.

Ganado, Arizona

As I stated above, Ganado is quite remote.  We are flying into Albuquerque, NM and will have to drive 3 hours to Ganado.  The nearest grocery store is small and is a 1/2 hour away; the nearest Wal-mart Supercenter is an hour away in Gallup, NM.

The Navajo reservation is the largest in our nation and has the largest tribe, with over 200,000 members enrolled.  The reservation is unique in that there has not been outside settlement on the reservation – it is made up primarily of tribe members and their families.  We have been told that we really will feel as though we have entered another country - many do speak their native language and they have held on to their rituals and customs better than other tribes have been able to do.  We are very much looking forward to experiencing a new culture!


Each year as we approach the mission trip I remember how much I love them – one of the reasons being how God reveals Himself to us on the trip.  Every trip is different, but on each I am reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  God challenges each of us on the trip to get out of our comfort zone and grow in new (and sometimes difficult) ways; God provides for us; we learn more about who God is through the people we meet and the experiences we have.  My prayer is that God would again reveal His goodness and faithfullness to each of us on the trip and to those we encounter.  May the Gospel be shared with those children who attend VBS and may they know the love of God through our students.  May our students know the love of God through the children.

We covet your prayers for our group this week!  If you’re wondering what to pray for, pray for energy and endurance for the leaders, it’s always needed!

Grace and Peace,


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