Sunday, July 9th:

We started the day with a nutritious breakfast of cereal, bagels, and cups-o-joe. Today was our sightseeing and museum day, so we packed our gear, threw on some sunscreen and were off. The metro was under construction, so we realized walking all the way to the mall, (the place with all the monuments and museums), would be more efficient. We visited the Vietnam War, Lincoln, Korean War, Martin Luther King Jr., and WWII Memorial, and licked the Washington Monument (it wasn’t required). After a great food truck lunch, we toured the Museum of American History, which was very educational, and some even saw Abraham Lincoln’s hat! (It was actually not very tallL). Later was the Holocaust Museum, which many people found powerful, eye opening, and moving. While some of the group decided to stay longer at the Holocaust Museum, everyone else went back to the pilgrimage using the Metro. Upon our arrival at the Pilgrimage we were surprised by the Moe family who is also in DC (Pastor Betsey is on sabbatical and spending time on the East Coast). Everyone was exhausted, and those who were back prepared a plentiful meal of pizza and salad. After dinner was finished and everyone had returned, we met the second intern Cody and played a fun game that introduced us to key ideas of the week. We ended in some worship and prayer partners, and got ready for bed to restore our energy for a big day of service tomorrow.

- Michor and Ben

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